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Let us show you that we are the most referenced texture analyser manufacturer.

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The TA.XTplus – the most academically referenced Texture Analyser in the world.

Every day our Texture Experts receive Google & Google Scholar notifications regarding literature that has been published on research using a Stable Micro Systems Texture Analyser.

We are then quickly able to access this documentation and keep you informed on how our Texture Analysers are being used all over the world. This helps us keep abreast of new application and analysis ideas presented by our customers and adapt our development to new areas of testing interest. With the growing number of Google Scholar notifications we were intrigued to see how frequently the Texture Analyser is being used in academic publications.

We were delighted to have Google Scholar calculate that ours are 'the most academically referenced Texture Analysers in the world – click here to see for yourself...

Links to all of these published papers are provided within the Education Zone of Exponent software via the Google Scholar search tool. We also have hundreds of our own methods which we have developed as Application Studies that are contained within our Exponent software and provide you with Automatic Project Loading of your chosen Application Method at the click of a button.

Thank you for your continued use of – and feedback on – our instruments.

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