Volscan Profiler Software

View the most comprehensive software in this field with unique features.

  • View data in 2D or fully rotatable 3D object
  • Drop data into a Report template – save as a .pdf
  • Scan multiple products – then split them
  • Data saved in spreadsheet or exported to Excel
  • Share your data using the ‘Mail To’ button
View data in 2D or fully rotatable 3D object1 Drop data into a Report template – save as a .pdf2 software_33 Data saved in spreadsheet or exported to Excel4 Share your data using the ‘Mail To’ button5

A comprehensive software capture and analysis package is included with every Volscan Profiler.

Like the capabilities of the instrument, you’ll want to make sure that the software is as feature-rich as possible for all of your future requirements, while being easy to use for both capturing, analysis and presentation of data.

Since its launch in 2008, the Volscan Profiler and software have continued to progress to provide new features and customer requests that are not available elsewhere.

Unique features

Software written and developed in-house and durability of software

3D grab and spin viewing - rotatable in all planes with user-defined product colour

Specific Volume measurement as standard

Automatic temperature measurement of chamber at start of each test

Force and volume verification possible

Language Editor (to allow for software translation into any language)

Full guide available in Help file format advising on optimum test settings and sample data

Data can be sorted by any column header and statistics adjusted according to new data selection

Data can be viewed in or exported to Excel

Multiple samples can be scanned within one test and then extracted individually

Results can be quickly emailed by clicking on the Mail To button which automatically opens up a message window in Outlook and attaches the active window

A Report template is available into which data can be dropped and automatically positioned or modified with full Report Editing tools and saved as a .pdf file Barcode scanner compatible

Data and images can be copied and pasted easily into other applications

Automatic Software Measurements and Calculations available as standard:

Volume, Weight, Specific Volume, Volume Yield, Product Density, Length, Surface Area, Max Height, Width at Max Height, Aspect Ratio at Max. Height, Max Width, Height at Max. Width, Aspect Ratio at Max Width, Height of Middle Slice, Width of Middle Slice, Aspect Ratio of Middle Slice, Minimum Enclosing Circle, Max. Inclusive Square Volume, Trim Percentage, Circumference.

Software Updates and Future-Proofing

If you’ve ever bought software before, you’ll probably be aware that whatever version you buy today may be superseded by another version in the future. You will be wondering if future versions will be at any cost to you and whether you will need to buy any additional features – for example, for more data analysis options.

Regardless of what software package you initially choose, we can assure you of unmatched continuously enhanced software, available to download free of charge from our website. If you’re on our newsletter mailing list, we’ll email you automatically to tell you there’s a new version available to download. Updates include any small bugs that are found, new features that have been suggested by our users and additional application notes written for your interest.

Oh, and did we mention – it’s ALL FREE OF CHARGE!

You’ll also need to make sure that your existing software will last you well into the future as new PC technologies and operating systems forge ahead. Stable Micro Systems can guarantee that the Volscan Profiler software is operational in Windows operating systems from Vista through to Version 10. This is important to consider as, when your laboratory computer goes down and a new one is installed, you’re likely to have a newer Windows operating system.

As far as we know, alternative laser scanning software only operates up to Windows 7, but we’re checking the future is fully-functional for you all of the time!

Providing customer support ‘free of charge’ throughout the lifetime of the instrument. It’s our pleasure!

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