Measure Volume, Density and Product Dimensions

Using a non-contact laser-based method

Volscan Profiler with sample and scan

The Volscan Profiler is a precise and rapid method for the measurement of the volume, density and dimensional profiles of solid products in order to:

Determine the effects of ingredients, formulation or processing variables on end product dimensions

Determine the dimensional properties of your ‘gold standard’ product for future consistent quality control

To assess dimensional changes during storage or transportation

Substantiate your product claims

Compare with competitive products

Provide an objective quantifiable result which can be archived and retrieved for future viewing should you ever need to check back and compare with historical data.

When you want more than just volume measurement

Laboratory time is valuable, so operators will be keen to get the quickest and most comprehensive measurements from any testing that they perform, rather than piece together a series of measurements from several different instruments.

With the movement into digital measuring systems, manual procedures like seed or liquid displacement that offer the measurement of one parameter can be replaced by procedures that offer not only a wider range of direct measurement parameters but also the ability to manipulate these parameters into additional measurements offering a wider scope of decision making tools regarding the product’s quality.

Typical digital volume measurement includes the measurement of product length, height and width – after all, volume is a derivation of these dimensions. With the use of a loadcell as standard in the instrument, additional basic measurements of weight and Specific Volume, which are also of interest, are included.

You will, however, want your instrument to be as universal as possible, regardless of what your initial requirements are. After all, do you know what you might be asked to test next? So instead of just shopping for an instrument to meet your needs today, consider the additional measurement options that might be available to you.

What if there were a whole host of optional calculations and parameters that could be collected simultaneously and automatically? For every product scanned the following information is automatically calculated and displayed alongside the 2D and 3D scans:

Weight, Specific Volume, Volume Yield, Product Density, Length, Surface Area, Max Height, Width at Max Height, Aspect Ratio at Max. Height, Max Width, Height at Max. Width, Aspect Ratio at Max Width, Height of Middle Slice, Width of Middle Slice, Aspect Ratio of Middle Slice, Minimum Enclosing Circle, Max Inclusive Square Volume, Trim Percentage, Circumference.

Application Areas

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